Thanks to their distinctive characteristics, Silestone countertops in your Albuquerque home’s kitchen or bathroom make an ideal surface choice for a variety of applications. They come in a range of colors and textures and are considered an excellent alternative to marble and granite.  

What is Silestone?

A manufactured material made from natural quartz crystals, Silestone is prized for its durability and non-porous structure. It is easy to maintain and highly resistant to scratches, stains, and bacteria. One of the greatest advantages to installing Silestone countertops in your Albuquerque home is how versatile the material is. Customization through countless texture and color combinations make it ideal for achieving a high-end look but without the high-end maintenance.  

How is Silestone Made?

In addition to natural quartz crystals, Silestone contains polyester resin which binds the crystals, antimicrobial protections in the form of silver ions, and color agents. Silestone is a beautiful material that resembles marble and granite, but the quartz crystals give it a brighter, more “sparkly” appearance. Totally engineered, there is sure to be a style, color, and finish option that will work beautifully in your home.

Why is Silestone a Good Countertop Choice?

Available in three surface thicknesses and two slab sizes, Silestone brings a lot of advantages to your new kitchen or bath. Scratch and scorch resistant, these countertops are difficult to chip or scratch. Less formal than marble, they’re ideal for busy family kitchens. Silestone’s non-porous surface means not only fewer stains, but bacteria can’t get trapped and grow inside the material. It may look as beautiful as granite and marble, but Silestone is much easier to maintain. It doesn’t require sealing like other materials and can be cleaned with a quick swipe of a soft, natural cloth with a non-abrasive cleaner.

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With over 90 available colors, distinct styles, and interesting finishes, Silestone is perfect for both kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are the ideal choice for people who want the winning combination of beautiful counters that offer safety, durability, and hygiene in the two most used rooms in- any house. The experts at Rocky Mountain Stone can help you decide if Silestone countertops in your Albuquerque home are the right choice. For more information, contact us online today.

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