RMS Rockstar of the Month – November

Recognizing Our Amazing Staff

We’re thrilled to recognize Alex Salazar as this month’s Rock Star of the Month. Alex is a real workhorse who runs our CAD (Computer-Aided Design) department. He receives all of the field drawings and CAD files from the templating department and works his digital design magic to provide stunning layouts and program the projects for our CNC machines. Alex has been in his current position as a CAD designer for the past three years and is a real asset in producing highly accurate and very appealing layouts for our clients. His attention to detail is unsurpassed, and his willingness to work with the entire team to bring outstanding stonework to our community is second to none.

The Power of CAD and SlabSmith in Stonework

Even if you’ve never heard of this design software, we can almost guarantee you’ve benefited from it. We want to plan your project down to the last detail before we even start, and the SlabSmith program has revolutionized how we conceptualize and bring designs to life. Alex uses this tool to create a carefully crafted layout so that we can enhance precision, efficiency, and overall project success. What exactly does SlabSmith do, you may ask? SlabSmith starts with a calibrated photo of the actual slab that a job will be cut from and allows the designer to layout the pieces of a job on the photo to create a visualization of the final product, offering a virtual walkthrough that considers every detail before we cut your kitchen tops. At Rocky Mountain Stone, we finish how we start–with a strong attention to detail!

The Importance of a Well-Thought-Out Layout

We know that when it comes to stonework in your home, looking at all the different stone materials can be the exciting part! But a solid, well-thought-out layout is the cornerstone of any successful stonework project. It serves as a roadmap for construction teams, guiding them through the intricate process of bringing your vision for your home to life. We understand that a flawless layout streamlines the construction process and sets you up for stonework that stands the test of time.

Collaboration with Experts

When you trust us with your home, we are committed to making sure that you’re satisfied with the results. So, we want to hear your input and really understand your vision. SlabSmith helps us paint a canvas with your ideas as our experts work closely with you to understand your preferences and your home’s unique aesthetic requirements. When we collaborate, we work towards a final product that’s tailored to your vision and has the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

What to Expect: The Journey from Concept to Creation

Our process begins with a thorough consultation to understand your aesthetic preferences, functional needs, and project goals. Once a job is laser templated, we translate these drawings into a detailed layout, allowing you to visualize the final product before our artisans get to work. Our experts like Alex can leverage SlabSmith to consider your project’s nuances, helping to avoid any potential pitfalls. During the design process, skilled artisans use precision cutting and expert craftsmanship to transform raw stone into functional pieces that seamlessly blend into your home, whether it’s your bustling kitchen, backyard oasis, or other areas in need of dimensional stonework.

From exploring various types of countertops to incorporating the latest trends in modern interior design, we collaborate closely with our clients to create beautiful kitchens and other areas of your home that resonate with your vision. As a leading stone supplier, we take pride in offering an extensive range of premium slabs and materials, including versatile stone veneer and cladding options. You can trust Rocky Mountain Stone for an unparalleled commitment to precision when envisioning a luxury, modern kitchen design that stands out in both form and function.

In the world of stonework, precision and attention to detail are non-negotiable. With CAD and the SlabSmith technologies, we at Rocky Mountain Stone can work to merge traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Through the power of CAD and a commitment to collaboration, we transform your vision into enduring features in your home. New Mexico, are you interested in elevating your home with a stonework project? Reach out to us today so that we can start building your vision together!

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