The kitchen countertops you choose for your Albuquerque home often dictate the kitchen design, with many people selecting them before cabinetry. While there are many materials to pick from, stone leads the way for both durability and character.
Rocky Mountain Stone offers a wide range of natural and engineered stone countertops as well as recycled glass, heritage wood, butcher block, and Paperstone options.

More Choices to Express Your Style

Today you have more countertop choices than ever before. The variety of materials, colors, and patterns makes it easy to design a kitchen that reflects your personal style and is unlike any other. Every piece of natural stone has its own mineral color, veining, and flecks that are vividly brought to life in the manufacturing process. So, whether you choose a blue pearl granite, a beautifully veined white Carrara, or a mineral black enhanced soapstone, your countertops will be as original as a fine piece of art.

How to Choose Stone Kitchen Countertops

Built to last a lifetime, stone countertops require minimal maintenance, but you should still consider materials that can stand up to your daily kitchen routine. Focus on four criteria: stains, chips, chopping and slicing, and heat tolerance to find countertops that suit your Albuquerque home’s kitchen. For example, granite, slate, and soapstone offer the best stain resistance, but soapstone is the least scratch resistant.

Are Stone Countertops Right for You?

Granite, quartz, and natural stone are some of the most desired kitchen countertop choices. As you make your selection, consider these advantages that stone offers.

  • Distinctive, one-of-a-kind patterns
  • Durability that withstands heat better than man-made materials
  • A virtually seamless appearance
  • Low maintenance
  • Cracks, chips, and scratches can be easily repaired
  • Impervious to water

It’s true that some stone, such as travertine, limestone, and marble blemish more easily and may be vulnerable to acids like citrus fruits and vinegar. But as long as they’re periodically sealed, they are still an excellent choice. Otherwise, choose a stone like slate which is highly acid-resistant and so dense sealing isn’t required, with scratches easily buffed out using an abrasive pad. The same is true for granite and soapstone, though granite should be occasionally sealed.

Stone for Every Style

Rocky Mountain Stone is your one-stop shop for kitchen countertops. We’ll arrange for the tear out and disposal of your existing counters, the installation of your new countertops, and make sure your appliances are correctly hooked back up as well.

Craftsman warmth to sleek and modern, our expert team can help you decide which material to choose for your Albuquerque kitchen countertops. To learn more, contact us online today or call us at 505.345.8518.