Granite countertop maintenance is a little different from how you may maintain other materials. Because granite is a natural stone, it can be stained or damaged over time. With some preventative care and simple maintenance steps, you can ensure your granite countertops will look new for their lifetime.

Granite Countertop Care

Rocky Mountain Stone recommends and offers Artisan Group’s Firstline Sealer to use on granite and marble surfaces keep help keep countertops in top shape.

Firstline Sealer

A good sealer not only protects your granite countertops, it also helps maintain its natural beauty and seal out harmful bacteria. Firstline Sealer is a high-quality, solvent-based, and V.O.C. compliant impregnator sealer. We recommend it as the most reliable eco-friendly granite sealer available for protection against water and oil damage, while allowing the underlying layers, or substrate, to properly breathe. Firstline Sealer is a non-yellowing and long-lasting granite countertops maintenance solution that doesn’t change granite’s surface appearance. Thinner than traditional water-based products, it is especially designed to quickly bond with the quartz and silica materials that granite and grout contain.

Firstline Clean & Restore

Once sealed, light daily cleaning is all the granite countertop care you’ll need to keep your granite looking new. Firstline Clean & Restore is a PH-neutral daily cleanser with an evaporative cleaning action and detergent will not leave water spots or residue streaks. When used every day, the concentrated formula refreshes granite properties. The small amount of sealant the product contains means you won’t have to re-seal your countertops.

Firstline Shine Spray

To maintain and keep your granite countertops looking new, try Firstline’s Shine Spray. Easy to use and fast drying, it will enhance your countertop’s natural color and protect the stone from stains and dulling. Unlike other sprays, Shine Spray leaves no streaks or water spots behind. Used daily, weekly, or monthly, the product’s small amount of silicone additive helps build a protective layer on granite countertops without a waxy buildup. Granite countertops are one of the biggest investments you’ll make when building or remodeling your kitchen and the small amount of time it takes for cleaning will keep them looking their best. If you want to maintain the beauty of your Albuquerque home’s granite countertops for years to come, a little TLC with the Artisan line of granite countertop care and use products is all it takes. To learn more about Firstline Sealer, Clean & Restore, and Shine Spray, and for more information on proper granite countertops maintenance, contact Rocky Mountain Stone today

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