The only product of its kind made entirely in the U.S., Cambria countertops are an excellent choice for your Albuquerque home’s kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. An all-around top performer, they add substantial beauty and value to every room where they’re installed.

What is Cambria?

A manufactured material, Cambria consists of 93% natural quartz combined with a small amount of pigment and resin. Exceptionally durable and non-porous, it’s easy to maintain and highly resistant to tough stains like coffee, tea, and wine. While both granite and Cambria quartz are extremely strong, Cambria holds the lead with its higher percentage of quartz (granite contains about 40-60 percent).

Why is Cambria Quartz a Good Countertop Choice?

Widely recognized as a superior choice, you enjoy some amazing advantages when installing Cambria countertops in your Albuquerque home.
  • Very simple to clean and virtually maintenance free, you never have to chemically polish or seal it.
  • The manufacturer backs it up with a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Non-porous and hygienic as stainless steel, its bacteria resistant properties make it an extremely safe material to use as a food prep surface.
There are more than 135 unique and innovative designs, colors, and patterns available, with new ones introduced every year. From the subtle marbling of “Montgomery” to the deeply grained “Seagrove” and rich “Bridgewater,” there is sure to be an option that works perfectly for your home’s kitchen and bathroom countertops. Cambria's also an excellent choice for Albuquerque homeowners committed to working with a company that values green and sustainable living. Since it’s sourced and manufactured completely in North America, there are lower transportation costs and less impact on the environment. Plus, the Cambria mine is fully equipped with sustainable hydroelectric power and the metal tooling and water used for polishing the material is 100% recycled.

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With its superior performance, brilliant beauty, eco-friendliness, and world class American craftsmanship, Cambria is perfect for wherever a countertop is needed. It is an ideal choice for discerning homeowners who want a surface that is not only attractive to look at, but safe and functional as well. The experts at Rocky Mountain Stone can help you choose the right Cambria countertops for your Albuquerque home’s kitchen, bathroom, bar area, laundry room, and more. For more information, contact us online today.

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