Home bathrooms have evolved from no frills, functional spaces into rooms that rival any other in the home. If you’re in the process of choosing bathroom countertops for your Albuquerque home, the selection you make can have a big impact on your daily pleasure and home value.

Rocky Mountain Stone offers a wide range of natural and engineered stone bathroom countertops as well as recycled glass, heritage wood, butcher block, and Paperstone options.

More Choices to Express Your Bathroom Style

Materials long favored in the kitchen are now popular in bathrooms, too. Attractive bathroom countertops, whether made of granite, marble, limestone, or other material can be a beautiful reflection of your personal style.

Do you love the vintage look? Glossy wood countertops not only make a style statement, but withstand splashes, making for a beautiful place to start your day.

For a sense of richness and elegance, marble creates a serene scene and distinctive appearance.
Limestone bathroom countertops are wonderful when paired with modern vanities, with their subtle patterns complementing light tones cabinets and nickel and chrome fixtures.
For a high-end look that works particularly well with a white vanity, choose black marble countertops.

And of course, there’s granite and quartz, the two most popular bathroom countertop materials available for your Albuquerque home. Granite is prized for its dramatic beauty and nearly endless variety of colors and patterns that range from subtle to bold. Quartz, which is stronger than granite and doesn’t require sealing, is naturally resistant to moisture, stains, and bacteria.

Make the Right Choice

Bathrooms endure high humidity from showers, kids’ spills and messes, and everything in between, so vanity tops must be durable, standing up to water, soap, and hair and makeup products, all while serving as an ample work service for your daily activities.

The material you choose depends largely on taste and budget. Fortunately, some of the most beautiful countertops are also the most practical and reasonably priced. Still, with so many options to choose from, selecting the perfect material for your new bathroom can be a challenge.

Rocky Mountain Stone is your one-stop shop for the finest in countertop materials. Our expert team can help you decide which material is the right one for your Albuquerque bathroom countertops. To learn more, contact us online today or call us at 505.345.8518.