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What will they think of next…..You can put wood on countertops?  Well of course you can and here’s a little overview of what’s available and what to expect from wood counters.

Wood, like stone, comes in a variety of species and colors that are suitable for countertop surfaces.  As a general rule, hard woods make better countertops and will be more durable than soft woods.  The next obvious question might be what qualifies a wood as a hard wood?  The definition is rather technical but the difference lies in the type of tree the wood comes from, either an evergreen (coniferous) or a leaf (deciduous) tree.  Deciduous trees make hard woods and coniferous trees make soft wood, though not all hardwoods are really suitable for countertops (Balsa wood for example!).

RMS is proud to offer the Heritage Wood line from CraftArt that includes the following species:

American Cherry End Grain

Antique Heart Pine

Bamboo Carmelized Plank

Black Walnut


Black Walnut Distressed


Canary Wood



Hard Maple End Grain




Lyptus Checkerboard

Quarter Sawn White Oak


Red Gum

Red Oak

Sapele Mahogany

Red Oak


Teak End Grain

Wenge / Maple


White Oak


Zebrawood End Grain

In addition to each of these species, several of them are available in a variety of cuts to achieve a different look for your project.  These include Plank cut (3” to 6” wide pieces to show the grain of the wood), Edge Grain (butcher block type look with longer, thin strips of a tighter, more consistent grain) and End Grain (classic butcher block look of approximately 2” squares of either the same or different species of wood)

All of these species of wood and the different types of cuts are custom fabricated at CraftArt’s factory and are available with a variety of different edge details, sink cutouts, and finishes.  All the woods we offer are natural color and are finished with a food grade Waterlox tung oil sealer to insure maximum protection in a kitchen environment.  The cost is comparable to mid-level natural stones.

In addition to the Heritage line, RMS also stocks and fabricates a line of butcher block countertops that are both affordable and beautiful.  The woods available include Walnut, Hickory, Cherry, White Oak, Maple and Red Oak.  Sizes available are 8’ and 12’ lengths of 25” deep countertop and 36” X 72” islands.  The price points for these wood counters are comparable to a low/mid-level natural stone.

If your next project calls for natural wood counters, give us a call! We look forward to working with you on your next project.


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