A beautiful, lightweight alternative to full bed stone veneer,thin stone veneer is a fantastic way to lend distinction to your Albuquerque home’s interior and exterior walls as well as fireplaces and chimneys. It comes in a variety of striking colors, shapes, and textures and is remarkably versatile.

The Benefits of Natural Stone Veneer

Made from real stone quarried from the earth, natural stone veneers are thinly sliced pieces— typically 1” to 1-¼” thick—that are designed for direct adhered masonry installation. They feature the same imperfections and tonal variations as a typical full bed veneer.

From a distance, you may not be able to distinguish between natural stone and manufactured stone veneer, but there are distinctions that set the natural version apart, making it the ideal choice for your Albuquerque home.

  • Appearance. Nothing matches the authenticity of natural stone, with no two pieces the same. People are drawn to the rich variations and organic textures, instinctively reaching out their hand to touch the surface.
  • Cost. There was a time man-made veneers had a cost-benefit, but as manufacturers have made advances in processing technology, the difference in pricing has been virtually eliminated. Natural stone has a definite cost advantage when it comes to maintenance as, unlike manufactured stone, it can easily be pressure washed. Natural stone typically has a life-cycle cost that man-made materials simply cannot match.
  • Durability. Long term, there is no competition. Natural stone is less porous and colorfast. It will perform much better under sunlight as it will not fade or discolor like a manufactured stone. If the color is your key consideration, especially for exterior applications, natural stone veneer should be your first choice.
  • Installation. Natural stone thin veneer is light-weight, eliminating the need for wall ties or footings and making it easier and less expensive to install.

Stone Veneer Albuquerque

Natural Stone Veneer Patterns

While technically you could create any pattern you’d like, there are five stone veneer patterns typically used by builders: the randomly placed mosaic, the simple strip stone, the more structured square and rectangle, the trendy, go-to ledge stone, and the minimalist ashlar, which is commonly used on walls and veneer stone fireplaces.

Each natural stone and distinct veneer pattern can be used to achieve a great number of different looks and themes, adding character and originality to your Albuquerque home. To learn more about natural stone veneer and its many uses and applications, contact Rocky Mountain Stone today.

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