There are many types of landscape gravel you can use to enhance the appearance of your Albuquerque home’s yard. The best gravel for your landscaping needs will vary based on the portion of yard the gravel will cover.

What is Landscape Gravel?

Landscape gravel is simply crushed stone that is used as a ground cover in landscape applications. Local landscape gravels are made up of either granite, limestone or quartzite and will last a lifetime, making it an economical choice for property owners who want a beautiful landscape without the maintenance or watering required with a lawn.

Gravel comes in a variety of sizes and colors with lovely natural variations. Pair it with flowering plants and/or succulents for a wonderful addition to any landscape setting.

Where to Use different sized Landscape Gravel

Crusher fines are typically ¼” minus and are ideal for walkways, driveways or even for a clean, minimalist ground cover look. They hold up well to foot traffic and because they’re so small, create a solid, flat surface that prevents slips and trips. “True Crusher” fines, like Amaretto brown and Blue Sais, are ideal for driveways, parking areas or walkways. These are fines created from the crushing of solid quartzite rock, creating six-sided fractured rock that locks together and creates a solid yet permeable surface. True Crusher fines do not contain any organic materials or clays, and naturally inhibit weed growth.

½” to 1” and 1” – 2” ground covers are consistently sized and are great for covering an entire landscape with gravel. They come in a nice variety of colors and materials. Larger sizes of gravel help to slow evaporation in the desert climate, reducing your water usage.

Larger sized gravel like 2” – 4” or 4” – 8” are ideal for sloped areas or drainage ravines where a large stone is needed to hold the shape of severe slopes, or to create a natural dry stream bed within your landscape design.

A xeriscape landscape is one that requires little to no irrigation. One to two-inch gravel is a great size for this type of yard as it helps retain moisture to the roots. One to four-inch rocks can be used to highlight feature areas of your xeriscape project.

River rock or La Paz Pebbles are often used around flower beds and in the bottom of planters to prevent the growth of weeds and improve drainage. Crushed rock may be used for driveways, and lava rock is an excellent alternative to mulch.

Landscape Gravel for All Your Design Needs

Gravel is an excellent material choice when designing your home’s landscape, adding timeless beauty wherever it’s used.

RMS is Albuquerque’s premier supplier of natural building and landscaping stone. Our workforce has over 150 years of combined stone experience and we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality materials, workmanship, and service. To learn more about the products we offer, and the exciting ways in which you can use gravel in your Albuquerque home’s landscaping, contact Rocky Mountain Stone today.

Rocky Mountain Stone
Granite & Quartz Countertops in Albuquerque, NM


Amaretto Brown 1 to 4

Amaretto Brown 1″ – 4″

Amaretto Brown 3/8" - 1 1/4"

Amaretto Brown 3/8″ – 1 1/4″

Amaretto Brown Crusher Fines

Amaretto Brown Crusher Fines

Blue Sais 2" - 4"

Blue Sais 2″ – 4″

Pea Gravel 3/8"

Pea Gravel 3/8″

Pueblo Rose 7/8"

Pueblo Rose 7/8″

Pueblo Rose Crusher Fines

Pueblo Rose Crusher Fines

San Lazarus Gold 2" - 4"

San Lazarus Gold 2″ – 4″

Santa Fe Brown 7/8"

Santa Fe Brown 7/8″

Santa Fe Brown Brownscape

Santa Fe Brown Brownscape

Amaretto Brown Crusher Fines

Amaretto Brown Crusher Fines

Blue Sais 1 to 4

Blue Sais 1″ – 4″

Blue Sais 4 to 8

Blue Sais 4″ – 8″

Blue Sais 5-8 to 1

Blue Sais 5/8″ – 1″


Blue Sais Crusher Fines

La Paz Pebbles 3″ – 5″

La Paz Black 6-8

La Paz Pebbles 6″ – 8″

San Lazarus Gold 2 to 4

San Lazarus Gold 2″ – 4″

San Lazarus Gold 3-4 to 1

San Lazarus Gold 3/4″ – 1″

Santa fe Brown 7-16

Santa fe Brown 7/8″


Santa fe Brown Crusher Fines


Crusher Fines are less than 3/8″ in size. This product is ideal for walkways because over time it will create a cementitious matrix ideal that resists washout.

3/8″ to 5/8″ Ground Cover is one of our smaller varieties of gravel. It is consistently sized and ideal for large areas in both residential and commercial applications.

5/8″ to 1″ Ground Cover is our most versatile size of gravel. It can be used for accent areas or to cover a large landscape. Covering your yard helps to slow evaporation in a desert climate and thus reduce water usage.

1″ to 2″ Gravel is a great size for xeriscaping features. Spreading it under plants helps retain moisture to the roots and keep the feature area looking clean and well-kept.

1″ to 4″ Rocks can highlight feature areas of your landscape or xeriscape project. The larger size is perfect for defining or accenting walking paths, water features, or rock gardens.

4″ to 8″ rip rap can hold its own as a landscaping feature or try this size at the base of your water feature or rock garden. This stately look will give your large area definition.