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If you love the look of wood, custom wood counter surfaces for your Albuquerque home may be just what you need. A warm alternative to cool stone, wood countertops never go out of style and remain an immensely popular choice for homeowners. They offer a natural beauty that enhances the appearance of any kitchen or bathroom.

Traditional wood surfaces are typically reserved for lower-traffic applications such as islands that double as eating areas or home bars. Custom wood counter surfaces, on the other hand, serves as a work surface and is the only countertop material completely appropriate for chopping and slicing.

Due to its durability and clear grade, maple is the favored wood choice for custom wood counter surfaces. There are many other kinds of wood to choose from, including red oak and cherry for their rich color, and bamboo, which is gaining popularity due to its sustainability. For homeowners wanting to practice green living, sustainably farmed exotics such as zebrawood, iroko, and wenge are good choices.

Advantages of Custom Wood Counter Surfaces

There is a wide range of options for custom wood counter surfaces and plenty of reasons to include them in your home remodel.
Custom Wood Counter Surfaces won't dull your knives like other countertop materials, the soft surface makes for a quieter room, and breakables like glassware won't shatter as easily when dropped on wood versus stone. And while custom wood counter surfaces is susceptible to scratches, stains, and water damage, it's also easily restored with a touch of sandpaper and re-oiling.
Many homeowners decide to mix butcher block with other countertop materials, incorporating a built-in cutting surface surrounded by natural stone, or by using a custom wood counter island only.

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Whether custom wood counter surfaces are right for you depends on the look you want to achieve and your willingness to perform the maintenance they need. But if you love the natural beauty of wood, they may be the perfect choice for your home.

To learn more about the advantages of using custom wood counter surfaces in your Albuquerque home's kitchen or bath, talk to one of the experts at Rocky Mountain Stone. And for more information on purchasing, installing, and maintaining custom wood counter surfaces in general, Contact us online today.


Custom Wood Counter Surfaces bring together the best of style, function and versatility. Contrasting grain patterns and shading add to wood’s natural beauty, imparting a warmth and unique appearance that can only be achieved with natural hardwoods. When paired with quality granite countertops, any kitchen can become a one-of-a-kind sanctuary for culinary genius and impeccable design.

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