Rocky Mountain Stone
Granite & Quartz Countertops in Albuquerque, NM

It’s the one thing that can make the difference between a design that works and one that does not is detail. In design, details are everything. In marble and granite, Rocky Mountain Stone gives you all the details to make your job extraordinary. From the color and finish of natural stone to the detail of edgework, your combination of choices is endless. Edge details can make a striking and lasting impression. They should be used to enhance the overall design of the space. For instance, if square, straight, clean lines are predominating in a space, then square, straight edges should be used on your stonework. The edges available for this clean look are 2-cm, 4-cm or 6-cm flat polish, 2-cm, 4-cm or 6-cm bevel, or any size of mitred apron. Square edges and corners can pose problems in a high traffic area and should be softened by slightly rounding the corners.

When you’re working with a space filled with curves and soft corners, it’s best to use rounded edges to tie things together – like demi bullnose, full bullnose or a radius edge. These edges can be applied on straight edges as well as curves. Rounded edges tend to soften the stone and make it more functional in high traffic areas, but will not detract from the design.

Specialty edges, such as Ogee, Roman and Rocked, can be used when another material shape within the area dictates it. Moldings or trim on cabinets, doors, balstrades, wood mantles or any other architectural detail might set the tone of your overall design. Hearths on a rough stone fireplace look best with rocked edges while an old Victorian washbasin call for an Ogee edge. Edge details can set your project apart, so be creative and know that whatever your choice, Rocky Mountain Stone can deliver it.