For Albuquerque construction projects that require traditional, high-end stonework, our full veneer building stone is your ideal choice. Stonemasons love the material’s thickness which lends itself to exceptional hand-tooling, pillowing, and rock-facing.

A Popular Choice for Home Construction

Often referred to as 4-inch veneer, the full bed stone veneer has long been a favorite option for homeowners who, whether for financial or practical reasons, cannot complete a full stone construction. If you’re looking to enhance your Albuquerque home’s appearance, these beautiful veneers offer a multitude of design possibilities for creating a magnificent façade or stone wall that will last a lifetime.

Larger in size and heavier than thin stone veneers, it’s the detailed texturing and visual intrigue that sets full stone veneers apart from other building materials. And unlike thin veneers, they can be more easily shaped and textured without cracking.

Different building stones have different densities; for example, granite has a higher density than a sandstone. This is important to know because full veneer building stone must be used in projects where the thickness, weight, and size can be supported. For an exterior stone wall, of course, that may not be an issue. But in many cases, such as interior fireplaces and exterior walls, you will likely need to strengthen the floor or install a proper footing or shelf. Your architect and a professional stone mason can evaluate your specific project and help you pick the right veneer.

Building Stone Patterns

In addition to the wide range of different types of materials, there are many patterns you can create with building stone. Some of the most popular cut patterns include roughly square + rectangle, mosaic, random ashlar, and strip ledge stone. Whether your sense of style is traditional or contemporary, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Rocky Mountain Stone is a leading supplier of natural stone throughout the Albuquerque area and we carry a full inventory of full and thin stone veneers that can be used for a variety of building projects. Depending on your unique needs and preferences, you can choose from numerous materials, designs, and colors to add character and individuality to your home.

To learn more about using building stone for your Albuquerque construction project, contact Rocky Mountain Stone today.

Building stone is typically 2″ – 4″ thick veneer and is installed using masonry cement and wall ties. New Mexico Travertine produces full bed veneer for cladding with split, sawn, or tumbled faces and snapped or sawn beds. See More Landscape Materials

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Arizona Buff Stripstone Building Stone

Arizona Buff Stripstone

Arizona Moss Rock Building Stone

Arizona Moss Rock

Az Buckskin Stripstone Building Stone

Arizona Buckskin Stripstone

Az Chocolate Stripstone Building Stone

Arizona Chocolate Stripstone

Az Red Stripstone Building Stone

Arizona Rose Stripstone

Colorado Cut Stone Building Stone

Colorado Red Cutstone

Colorado Moss Rock Building Stone

Colorado Moss Rock

Desert Moss Rock Building Stone

Desert Moss Rock

Desert Rose Splitface Building Stone

Desert Rose Splitface

Green Gables Stripstone Building Stone

Green Gables Stripstone

Navajo Gold Drystack Building Stone

Navajo Gold Drystack

Oakwood Stripstone Building Stone

Oakwood Stripstone

Rainbow Cobble Building Stone

Rainbow Cobblestone

Rainbow Flats Building Stone

Rainbow Flats

Rattlesnake Chopstone Building Stone

Rattlesnake Chopstone

Rocky Mountain Gold Building Stone

Rocky Mountain Gold

Seminole Gold Building Stone

Seminole Gold Stripstone

Silver Mist Building Stone

Silver Mist

Starburst Quartzite Ledgestone Building Stone

Starburst Quartzite Ledgestone

Sunset Canyon Dark Building Stone

Sunset Canyon Dark

Sunset Canyon Lite Building Stone

Sunset Canyon Lite

Vista Grande Splitface Building Stone

Vista Grande Splitface

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