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Driving around Albuquerque and for that matter, most of New Mexico, the landscapes inevitably have a “signature” look which almost always includes the traditional “Moss rock” boulders.   These boulders look pretty fabulous if they’re handled properly and watered on a regular basis….

There are actually a number of different boulder types available in the New Mexico market,  including Sandstones, Travertine, Limestone and Granite.  Each has a different look and will appeal to different designs and applications.  Here’s what some of them look like:

Granite Boulders….

often called “Glacier” boulders, these remnant river rock type boulders are really cool looking and can be used for feature rocks, retaining boulders, signs or even fountains.  The stones pictured here come out of southern Colorado.

Glacial Boulders

Glacial Boulders

12″ to 18″ Matching Boulderitos

Travertine Boulders….

From right here in Central New Mexico!  The unusual travertine deposit, that is located west of Belen, NM, offers up some of the most interesting colors of rock on earth.  The soft pinks of Scheherazade, the rich golds of Angel Fire and the striking patterns of Vista Grande Onyx all come from the same deposit.  These stones are quarried for dimensional stone and the quarry produces an abundance of blocks/boulders that are both unique and eye catching.

Travertine Blocks/Benches

Travertine (Vista Grande Onyx) Fountain

Limestone Boulders….

Our aggregate pit south of Belen produces two distinct colors of gravel, Blue Sais and Amaretto.  The boulders that come out of this area we call “Sais Boulders” and are part of the Madera Limestone ledge that runs North and South throughout central New Mexico.  These boulders tend to be a little “blocky” and can be stacked to make impressive retaining walls, river berms or seating areas.

Sais Boulders

Sandstone Boulders….

From our sandstone quarry near Milagro, NM, comes the classic beige colored ledgestone that is seen on many projects throughout the state.  This same material was used on the Sandia Resort & Spa as well as Bernalillo High School, San Felipe School and the My Bank office on Menaul.  The boulders from these quarries are typically large plate pieces that can be set flat for feature boulders and benches, or upright for signage.   This quartzitic sandstone is very hard and takes s andblasting letters & images well.

Large, Flat, “Oakwood” Boulders

And finally…..Moss Rock Boulders….

From the southern slopes of the Rocky Mountains come striking and unusual boulders.  Aged for millennium and shaped by nature, these moss rock boulders offer the traditional New Mexico landscape a more refined and careful presentation.  All of these boulders are selected off of private property located near Las Vegas, NM.  Each boulder is carefully harvested using cloth straps, with the utmost care taken in avoiding chips and marking on the exterior of the pieces.  These boulders can be used for free standing feature rocks, retaining walls, fountains, fence posts, sign pillars, or benches.  There are five distinct products that the material is available in and sizes can range from 1-200# boulders up to 4 ton boulders.

Character Moss Rock – Perfect for Feature Pieces or Fountains

Moss Rock “Standing Stones’ – Can be used to create vertical monuments, to hold signs or laid flat to use as a bench.

Moss Rock “Blocks” – Can be used to create retaining walls or laid flat to use as a bench or area divider.

Moss Rock “River Stones” – Ideal for fountains or feature rocks.

Moss Rock “River Stones” – Ideal for fountains or feature rocks.

Stop by today to see any of these stones or ask about a quarry visit if you’d like to see where they actually come from.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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